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Add romance to everything that surrounds you in reality, and then you may not have to regret the wasted years. These friends will be from a completely different circle, will have a completely different occupation and be significantly different from the previous ones.

True, not necessarily from you. Most likely, on the contrary, you will meet soul mates. This source also explains what dreams of riding a dolphin. Riding a dolphin - to the fact that in life you take on a difficult task, the implementation of which will require a large expenditure of mental and physical strength. In any case, you yourself should feel what emotions you experienced when this representative of the family of mammals from the order of cetaceans dreamed about and project them onto your life.

The subconscious will tell a lot, the rest is a dream book. That's what dolphins dream of, according to the Mayan people. If you dreamed that you were swimming in a pond with dolphins, then relatives and friends rely on you completely. You have earned their trust and respect, it remains only to keep it for many years.

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Otherwise, this story is interpreted by Grishina's dream book. Dream Interpreter Grishina believes that you correctly use your mental abilities in the implementation of projects. The dolphin seen in a dream is the totality of your intellect, sociability, friendliness to other people. If a dolphin attacks you in a dream, reconsider your attitude towards others. Perhaps they are seriously unhappy with something. Especially if you dreamed of an angry dolphin. What a dolphin dreams of, Meneghetti also explains. To see a dolphin in a dream is a sign that you have a reliable and faithful friend, companion, accomplice, next to whom you can fully rely on.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti says that a dreaming dolphin is a symbol of harmonious, stable, friendly relations. In addition, it also reflects your brightest impulses of the soul. Dolphin in a dream is a symbol of addiction. The dreamer shows weakness, and therefore unpleasant things happen to him. If a pregnant woman sees a dolphin, it can mean that the birth will be painless and the baby will be healthy. Who dreamed of a dolphin?

Dolphin Dream

Where is the dolphin in a dream? Who dreamed of dolphins?

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What did you do in a dream with dolphins? What did you do when you saw dolphins in a dream? How many dolphins were in a dream? In what sea did you see dolphins in a dream?

What do you do with a dolphin in a dream? What color is the dolphin in a dream? What size is a dolphin in a dream? Did you dream of live dolphins? The dream in which a married woman sees a dolphin reflects the cooling of her feelings for her husband. Perhaps a new sensation will give variety in sexual life or an unusual joint hobby.

If a dolphin dreamed of a young unmarried girl, this may not be the best sign.

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Such a dream portends surprises, which are likely to be unpleasant. Unwanted pregnancy is not excluded. When a pregnant woman dreams of a dolphin, and she strokes and feeds him - this is a good omen. Such a dream promises the unborn child health, activity and good appetite. If a woman dreams of a dolphin in the sea, there is a high probability of meeting a man with whom she will have a strong spiritual connection.

This person can become a dreamer as a good friend, as well as a lover, and a husband. Swimming at sea with a dolphin in a dream is often a reflection of frivolity. You are in the clouds, dreams are divorced from reality and are unlikely to ever come true. It is possible that you are a creative and vulnerable person, which can complicate relations with the opposite sex.

The dream, where you swim in the sea and see dolphins nearby, is a warning that your acquaintances are badly influencing you. Perhaps you should think about whether they are doing the right thing, decide whether the interests of your friends are really close to you.

Seeing a flock of frolic dolphins in the sea in a dream is something that someone else probably considers your partner to be attractive. Try to value your loved one, surround him with care, often show love. If there were a lot of dolphins, perhaps the dreamer feels that he has chosen the wrong path in life, in particular, he is dissatisfied with work. Do not waste time in vain, do what you have always been interested in, carried away, and improve in this direction.

When dolphins swim in a clear sea in a dream, you will certainly expect success in work or business. You can be promoted, and bonuses and salary increases are very likely.

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A dream where dolphins swim in a dirty, black sea symbolizes your concern for health. Most likely, it is not unfounded: the probability of sexually transmitted diseases is high. It is recommended to see a doctor, especially if you experience pain and discomfort. The dream in which a woman sees a dolphin in the pool, says that she cares too much about her reputation, tries too hard to comply with decency. Surely this prevents the dreamer from liberating herself and establishing close relations with anyone. If a woman sees a dolphin in a dream in a river, she is probably waking to the habit of "going with the flow.

Start taking initiative in all areas and see how your life changes. If you dreamed that you caught a dolphin - this is a good sign. You have chosen the right path in life, put maximum effort, constantly improving. Keep up the good work, and the result will not be long in coming.

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A dream in which a dolphin saves you means that a strong and strong-willed person will help you in a difficult situation. This can be either a man or a woman, a relative or friend, or a colleague or even a boss. Riding a dolphin in a dream is a manifestation of talents or abilities that you have not noticed before. Perhaps the development in this direction will allow you to earn money. When you dream that you are feeding a dolphin, most likely someone will have a strong influence on you, which may well prove to be fruitful. However, it is likely that this will not affect your fate.

Touching a dolphin in a dream is a strong family relationship. Relatives love, respect and value you. Communication with your family will always delight you and give you many wonderful memories. If you dreamed about how you kiss a dolphin, then you are, without a doubt, grateful for the help of your relatives, and the dream expresses this feeling. Perhaps an unpleasant event has happened to you recently and your family supported you. The dream where you play with the dolphin portends a transition from a platonic level to a more intimate one. For a woman, such a dream can also portend a wedding, pregnancy or childbirth.

Hugging a dolphin in a dream - to increase mental affection between lovers or relatives.