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The River Irwell Mystery, No Suspicious Circumstances or the Manchester Pusher?

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Police confirm no suspicious circumstances in man’s death

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No suspicious circumstances after woman's body found in Dundee city centre - Evening Telegraph

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It has [read more.. Police came to the asylum seeker shelter where they were staying last evening with the intent of arresting them for immediate deportation.

Update: Police say no suspicious circumstances in fatal house fire

By law, authorities must provide asylum seekers with notice that their deportation is pending. The mother, upon being confronted by police, was understandably upset, and began to bleed heavily from the nose. The family requested to go to the hospital, which the police granted with the caveat that they would return to deport the family at this morning. Once at the hospital, the mother was admitted to the maternity ward for examination.

Despite this, when the police returned at and examined the certificate, they dismissed it entirely, saying that they had a certificate of their own stating that the woman in question was in fact fit to fly, issued by their own doctor at the Directorate of Immigration.

However, the mother never met this doctor; she had taken a blood test 10 days earlier, but no other examination was performed. She furthermore was not shown the certificate the police claimed to have. Ultimately, at this morning, the police arrived with a van and two squad cars, arrested the family, and drove them to the airport for deportation.

The case marks a significant departure from past precedent when it comes to deportations, and appears to violate both Icelandic and international law.

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Who ordered this deportation—with no warning given and with their asylum application still pending appeal—is still unknown at the time of this writing.