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I became friends with Carl Sagan, the astronomer who oversaw the creation of the Golden Record, in Lots of great music was being released in those days, and there was something fascinating about LP technology itself. A diamond danced along the undulations of a groove, vibrating an attached crystal, which generated a flow of electricity that was amplified and sent to the speakers. At no point in this process was it possible to say with assurance just how much information the record contained or how accurately a given stereo had translated it. The open-endedness of the medium seemed akin to the process of scientific exploration: there was always more to learn.

We immediately agreed. Soon, he and one of his colleagues at Cornell, Frank Drake, had decided on a record. By the time NASA approved the idea, we had less than six months to put it together, so we had to move fast.

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I produced the record, which meant overseeing the technical side of things. We all worked on selecting the music. I sought to recruit John Lennon, of the Beatles, for the project, but tax considerations obliged him to leave the country. Lennon did help us, though, in two ways. First, he recommended that we use his engineer, Jimmy Iovine, who brought energy and expertise to the studio.

Jimmy later became famous as a rock and hip-hop producer and record-company executive. To our surprise, those nine words created a problem at NASA.

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The records were rejected, and NASA prepared to substitute blank discs in their place. Only after Carl appealed to the NASA administrator, arguing that the inscription would be the sole example of human handwriting aboard, did we get a waiver permitting the records to fly.

In those days, we had to obtain physical copies of every recording we hoped to listen to or include. It was exhausting, involving, utterly delightful work. In selecting Western classical music, we sacrificed a measure of diversity to include three compositions by J. Bach and two by Ludwig van Beethoven. Even they could learn from the music by applying mathematics, which really does seem to be the universal language that music is sometimes said to be.

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With a world full of music to choose from, there was little reason to protest if one wonderful track was replaced by another wonderful track. Four of us huddled over the board like battlefield surgeons, struggling to keep our arms from getting tangled as we rode the faders by hand and got it done on the fly. We then hear the volcanoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, and bubbling mud of the early Earth.

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Wind, rain, and surf announce the advent of oceans, followed by living creatures—crickets, frogs, birds, chimpanzees, wolves—and the footsteps, heartbeats, and laughter of early humans. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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I checked the weather report and was further encouraged to see that the next four days looked promising Why was this important? Well Tuesday is this here Moose's birthday, I turn a ripe old 47 in human years Tuesday is also a public holiday north of the border and for the first time in a decade I will be working So I thought, on this here Sabbath , why wait, why not take these three warm days that the Grand Architect of the Universe has sent in my general direction and abuse them?

Today, I will keep it small Smoked Chilli cheese brugers on the Weber, with a side serving of Banana wrapped bacon Bacon, what can't it do?

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